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Uberta de Mores

Apartment with an independent entrance composed of an open-space kitchen, a living room and a dining table, 2 large double bedrooms and a comfortable bathroom with a shower.

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Apartament Uberta de Mores

  • Conditioned air

  • Free Wi-Fi

  • Picnic area

  • Free parking

  • Refrigerator / freezer

  • Kitchen

  • Cots / beds for children 0-2 years available (free)

  • Bathroom in the room

  • Oven

  • Digital TV

  • Hob

  • Private pool

  • Kettle

  • Limited housekeeping service

Who is Uberta de Mores

Uberta de Mores was a horse with chestnut fur born in 1953. She was winner of the Palio of Siena five times and ran 11 Palii (16 August 1958 Istrice, 16 August 1960 Nicchio, 4 September 1960 dedicated to the 7th centenary of the victory of Monteaperti Civetta, June 5, 1961 dedicated to the centenary of the Unification of Italy Nicchio, July 2, 1961 Istrice).

Uberta made her debut in Siena in 1958 and was assigned to the Contrada della Torre, mounted by the jockey Umberto Castiglionesi called Biba.

The mare also ran on August 16th of the same year, still mounted by Biba, in the Contrada Sovrana dell’Istrice.

This time Uberta also placed immediately first and lead with determination throughout the race. On the last corner the jockey fell and the hotse seemed intent on stopping, but, after a moment of uncertainty, she began her run again and took her first victory in Piazza del Campo.

The last race for Uberta de Mores is that of August 16, 1962, in the Civetta. Uberta moved into second position and at the beginning of the last lap passed in command of the race. After a few meters the jockey fell and on the last corner Uberta is overtaken and loses the victory.