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Apartment with independent entrance distributed on three levels. On the ground floor there is a kitchen with a double sofa bed, bathroom and a single bedroom. Upstairs there is a double bedroom, and a bathroom with shower.

In the basement, there are famous tuff caves, characteristic of the city of Siena. Outside you can enjoy a private area with a swimming pool, tables and chairs.

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Ruello Apartment

  • Conditioned air

  • Free Wi-Fi

  • Picnic area

  • Small pets allowed

  • Free parking

  • Refrigerator / freezer

  • Kitchen

  • Cots / beds for children 0-2 years available (free)

  • Bathroom in the room

  • Oven

  • Digital TV

  • Hob

  • Private pool

  • Kettle

  • Limited housekeeping service

Who is Ruello

Ruello was the antagonist of Folco as well as his brother; he made his debut on August 16, 1931 in the Contarda of Valdimontone, but only in August 1932 did he win in the Contrada of Nicchio. Ruello raced 14 Palios and won 5: (16 August 1932 Nicchio, 2 July 1934 Owl, 2 July 1935 Lupa, 16 August 1935 Hedgehog, 2 July 1936 Giraffe).

1934 opened with the revenge of Ruello, mounted by Meloncino, who conquered the victory that the Civetta had been waiting for since 1893, while Folco, still with Ganascia, was penalized by a mediocre start.
In August 1934 there was a forced absence for Ruello, this benefited him as he won the next three Palios by offending the star Folco in an extraordinary manner. The ‘Cappotto’ in 1935 contributed decisively to fuel the rivalry between Lupa and Istrice.

The following year, on the occasion of the famous Palio dell’Impero, the rivalry between the two barberi rekindled in an enthusiastic way: Folco was super favorite in the Oca, eager to win more than ever with the rising star Pietrino, and Ruello in the Giraffa with the controversial Bovino.

Surprisingly, Ruello triumphed for the fifth time. On August 16 1939 Ruello ended his career with Civetta mounted by Bovino.