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Già del Menhir

Apartment located inside the condominium and located on the second floor. It is composed by a living room / kitchen area with a double sofa bed, a double bedroom, a twin bedroom, and two comfortable bathrooms with shower.

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Già del Menhir Apartment

  • Conditioned air

  • Free Wi-Fi

  • Picnic area

  • Free parking

  • Refrigerator / freezer

  • Kitchen

  • Cots / beds for children 0-2 years available (free)

  • Bathroom in the room

  • Oven

  • Digital TV

  • Hob

  • Private pool

  • Kettle

  • Limited housekeeping service

Who is Già del Menhir

Già del Menhir is a horse with a chestnut coat, winner of the Palio di Siena twice (July 2, 2008 Istrice, July 2, 2009 Tartuca).

Già del Menhir is a horse legend, the horse of the records; his average victories on the Palio courses is impressive: two out of three, only Urbino has done better in the history of the Palio winning three out of four.
For many insiders Già del Menhir was the ideal horse prototype for the Piazza, cold-blooded at the races and unsurpassed in the three laps event. The great dispute over the “Piazza record”is still alive.

Già del Menhir ends his career in 2009; from that moment onwards, he lives freely on the pastures of his owner and trainer Massimo Coghe.